An access to full-text databases

National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship have received an access to full-text databases. 


Review of mass-media — a full-text database of the best business articles of Russian and foreign press. It is a unique Russian-speaking project providing information, including informational system for  a serious economic newspaper and analytical magazine.

Monitoring of the industry and services in Russia and abroad, through mass-media and Internet services. A catalogue of leading official sites as to the countries and branches. A half-million of an important messages of hundreds newspapers and news agencies for 15 years in an online database. 


This database is the richest collection available to libraries worldwide, providing information on many topics including the medical sciences, ecology, biology, physics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, humanities. More than 60,000 librarians worldwide choose SpringerLink for online scientific content.

Royal Society Journals Collection 

The Royal Society Journals Collection comprises nine high-impact titles in the physical and biological sciences, including Philosophical Transactions A and B, and Proceedings A and B. Subscribers also benefit from access to the Royal Society's Digital Archive which goes back to 1665.

Edward Elgar Publishing Journals Collection

The Edward Elgar Publishing Journals Collection includes journals in law, economics, management and leadership studies:

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property

Cambridge International Law Journal

Review of Keynesian Economics 

European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies: Intervention

Leadership and the Humanities 

The Edward Elgar Publishing Development Studies e-book Collection  includes access to 288 Development Studies and Development Economics titles. This is an interdisciplinary collection of books covering many areas of development studies including finance, economics, innovation studies, infrastructure development, health, corporate governance, public and social policy, migration, research methods, intellectual property, legal reform and more. The collection includes scholarly monographs, handbooks and reference books.