Professional discussion 

On September 30, 2019, at the Scientific-Technical Library of the National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was organized a meeting and professional discussion with Gagik Sukiasyan, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, and author of books under the topic «Librarians' Professional Qualifications and Current Challenges for the Development of Library Work».

The purpose of the event was to review and evaluate the state standards of professional qualification of library staff and to take them into account in the process of training, attesting, recruiting new libraries, and reviewing subject curricula in educational institutions.
The event was attended by representatives of various libraries, institutes, colleges, museums and etc.

      Director of the National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Gevorg Vardanyan delivered the opening speech. The discussion was moderated by the Head of the Scientific-technical library Levon Gharibyan.

Gagik Sukiasyan, who presented his newly published book «Book, Library and Reading in State Institutes of Armenia», dedicated to the development of books, libraries and reading, as well as a comprehensive analysis of library-bibliography in the history of the development of state institutions of. RA. In his speech, the speaker emphasized the importance of clarifying the issue of professional qualification of library staff demanding modern scientific and educational reforms.
In addition, the author has spoken about a number of books he has authored on bibliography, librarianship and donated them to the library.

There has been an active discussion and exchange of views on the availability of traditional libraries over the next 10 years. There have been suggestions to equate the work of a librarian with that of a pedagogue, to give new librarians a qualification through training courses.
At the end for an effective cooperation was decided to make these discussions to be continuous.

Within the framework of the event, there was an exhibition of thematic and new literature in the Scientific-technical library of NICE.