Dedicated to the book donation day in Armenia,  on February 22,  under the motto «The librarian of the 21st century as an information navigator between the author and the reader»  a webinar  was held at the ZOOM platform in the scientific-technical library of NCIE with the author of the book «Byurakan Observatory: 75 years of outstanding achievements».

The aim of the event was to use the role of the librarian as an information navigator to inform the public about the book, to draw readers' attention to new publications, and to arouse an interest in reading among the youth.

The meeting was attended by the Scientific Library of Artsakh State University, Av. Isahakyan Central Library, State Economics of Armenia, Kh. Abovyan State Pedagogical University and many other representatives of various libraries. The webinar was opened by the head of the Scientific-Technical Library Leon Gharibyan, who gave an  importance to the book, and to the meeting  with the library representatives, taking into account the librarian's mission as an information navigator, a link between the author and the reader.

A short video dedicated to the Byurakan Observatory in all its beauty was shown. Then Areg  Mikaelyan the author spoke about the history of the creation of the book, its structure, content, as well as the large-scale work of the researchers who participated in the preparation of the book. He also informed the participants about a number of important facts related to the achievements in the field of astronomy in Armenia.

At the end, the author answered the questions of the participants. An exchange of views took place on the new role of the modern librarian. Areg Mikaelyan donated the book to the Libraries participating in the event.

Below is the link for the recording of the entire webinar event.