"Library Week"

Within the framework of the "Library Week" program on April 18-25, the Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized a series of various events, where representatives of various libraries, branches of NCIE amd other interested men had  participated.

a) An exhibition of the library's professional resources: it included open source Russian full-text magazines in various spheres, electronic information resources (video lectures, full-text magazines and book trailers) created by the library, patents, normative-technical documents, as well as the library on social networks.

b) The library also implemented an online tour of the Byurakan Observatory, a national value of the Republic of Armenia, which aroused great interest among the participants. During the online tour, the participants were introduced to the largest telescope of the Byurakan Observatory with a diameter of 2.6 m, they told about Victor Hambardzumyan, other prominent Armenian astronomers currently working, as well as the world's telescopes, the observatory's international cooperation, events, scientific results, educational and public activities.


c) On the eve of the International Intellectual Property Day, a meeting was held in the library with Tigran Alajajyan, President of the Union of Innovative Research and Production Enterprises, Avetis Peryan, Head of the Inventors and Industrial Designers Expertise Division Intellectual Property Office under the RA Ministry of Economy; with active user of the library Leon Ghazaryan.

Avetis Peryan acquainted the participants with the recent changes in the field of legal protection of inventions in the Republic of Armenia, the current tendencies of the development of the sphere, as well as the peculiarities of providing legal protection of service inventions, etc.

Tigran Alajajyan, the author of many inventions, spoke about his own experience, whose inventions and programs are aimed at taking care of nature, the environment, animals, human health, as well as restoring the harmonious atmosphere between man and nature.

An active user of the Scientific and Technical Library, Levon Ghazaryan presented the work being done to obtain a patent as a document certifying the legal protection of the invention, the role of the patent in them, and the use of the library's patent fund. At the end, the guests answered the questions of the participants.

d) One of the organized events was M. Kotanyan Institute of Economics Svetlana Dallakyan, PhD in Economics, author of «Innovative Economy RA: Perspectives, Possibilities, Tendencies» (2022) presentation of the monograph.

      The author presented his observations in the book:

  • Innovative development of the RA economy and theoretical bases and peculiarities of competitiveness, in particular the problems and perspectives of the development of the innovative economy in the RA.
  • The urgency and potential of RA economic diversification in the context of knowledge and innovations.
  • Clustering as a tool for competitive economy in innovation.
  • The main problems and perspectives of small and medium business development in the field of innovation in the Republic of Armenia.

Svetlana Dallakyan also spoke about the analytical work done, which was carried out on the basis of the analysis of statistical data, selected from the publications of foreign and national scientists.

This year On April 22, at 11:00 am, within the framework of the National Library Week, the Scientific and Technical Library  organized a study tour.

The specialists of the Scientific-Technical Library presented the works carried out in the relevant departments, in particular, literature replenishment, scientific-technical development, automation of library processes in the "IRBIS" system, the possibilities of using the library's electronic catalogs, the advantages of the electronic document delivery service were presented, in contrast to the Internet, the efficiency of which is the result of high-quality and reliable information.

There was a thematic exhibition of scientific and technical literature, including library work, for the guests. During the events Certificate of Appreciation were handed were handed to a number of librarians of the Scientific and Technical Library, as well as libraries for their active and effective cooperation.