General information
    According to the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia “National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” State Non Commercial Organization with its 4 branches (Gyumri, Vanadzor, Hrazdan, Kapan) was formed on 23 April, 2009. NCIE is a member of Interstate Council on coordination of scientific and technical information of CIS member-states. Simultaneously, according to the decision of the Government RA, NCIE is a National Centre on coordination of interstate exchange of scientific and technical information both in the RA and in the CIS countries. It is also a National Contact Center.
  The scientific and technical library with its specific and specialized funds is operating in the administrative structure of the Center and is famous not only in the Republic, but abroad. The Center implements innovative and entrepreneurship processes, supporting to the preparation and implementation of innovative ideas, projects.

   Today NCIE implements:
  • Formation of information resources (DB, analytical and information materials) reflecting the technological and innovative potential
  • Interstate exchange of scientific and technical information
  • Provision of scientific and technical information and library services
  • Support to information and advisory services
  • Support to the protection and commercialization of intellectual property
  • Support to entrepreneurs

   Aiming to support to the establishment of technological cooperation between Armenian and foreign innovative entrepreneurs, the Center collaborates with Armenian, international and donor organizations and other partners.

We hope you will get reliable information concerning to innovation and entrepreneurship and it will help you to make your activity more productive.