1.1 Thematic collections comprise

Source duplicates collection (book excerpt, journal article summary, journal articles, state standards, patents, industrial catalogs, CDs, online resources, etc.).

1.2 Working out a scientific literature
• preparation of bibliographic descriptions of the documents,
• indexing based on comprehensive Decimal Classification (UDC)
• preparation of bibliographic list.

1.3 Information-bibliographic provision 

Preparation of thematic-bibliographic list.

1.4 Normative-technical documentation (NTP) provision
• Provision of official documents (Official Gazette RA: laws, decisions. Official Gazette of Normative Acts RA: decisions, orders. Official Gazette of Constitutional Court RA: legal issues, decisions. Official Gazette of the Ministry of Education and Science)
• necessary information search (GOST, OST, SNIP, TY) for entrepreneurs

1.5 Electronic resources and providing relevant information 
Database access.

• EBSCO publishing (Academic Source Premier; SpringerLink, Business Source Premier; Regional Business News; MEDLINE; ERIC; MasterFILE Premier; Health Source: Consumer Edition; Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition; Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts; Newspaper Source), Oare Online access to research in environment, BioOne, Britannica Online Encyclopaedia, IMF eLibrary, SAGE Premier Journals Collection

Is available:

• Thematic search in full-text international databases.
• Number and nominal search for patent documents in RA and international databases.
• Systematic search for inventions, industrial models, trademarks, utility models.
• Automated search for international trademarks using Romarin prgram.

1.6. Bibliographical essay preparation
Generalized description of some thematic topics in a certain period of time.

1.7 Electronic service delivery

Offline service provision (personalized and differentiated service via electronic delivery service)
• delivery of summaries of selected articles in each journal,
• electronic delivery of feedback selected articles (full-text),
• electronic copies of necessary documents (theses, abstracts, chapters of books, journal articles, normative and technical documents (GOST, OST, SNIP, TY), patent documents, industrial catalogs),
• electronic delivery of dissertations, abstracts, books and list of subscribed literature, thematic list.

Information (thematic, specific document) search in library resources of Russian Federation, international full-text databases, RA Electronic catalog, list of collected literature, required primary search, reveal or provide the missing documents and electronic copies. Question and answer services, bibliographic- addressed, provision of documentary reference.

• Scientific and technical, business events organization
• Thematic outreach exhibitions in enterprises and organizations
• Organization of specialized exhibitions and presentations.

• Desktop publishing, editing, proofreading
• Pagination, laser printing and scanning
• Translations. Armenian, Russian and English languages.

• binding
• microfilm copy of the original document (Микрофильмирование)
• copying onto a paper carrier
• copying documents
• lamination

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