About the Library

The Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NCIE) is well known for its unique rich specialized funds in the Republic and overbroad. The library's mission is the collection of technical and patent resources, technical information and library services.

The library’s documentation fund is about 22 million examples of library documents, including branches from 2022 to now. Here are the funds of unique scientific-technical documents in the Republic: patent, normative-technical, industrial catalogs, deposited scientific works, experimental-design-reports of scientific-research elaborations, published analytical theories, books, etc.

The number of library visits in 2022 is 13513 and the number of collective subscribers is 238, including the contracted number, which is 9). The average user fee is 180313 copies of library documents, including branches.

The library’s reading rooms are implementing information and library services and a patent search of about 18 million patent documents. Users enjoy free Internet and international scientific and technical information databases ((EBSCO,,, European Patent Office, J-PlatPat, ГПНТБ,,, SpringerLink, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, BSTU Dspace,,,, etc.), electronic library catalog, using modern information and communication technologies.

The library of the NCIE is a governmental vocational library that collects documents related to applied science and serves not only individual readers but also companies, universities, government departments, enterprises in various sectors of industry.

The IRBIS-64 system of automation of library processes has invested in organizing the library-information service of the beneficiaries using modern information technologies. The number of entries is about 3374573 documents, including about 3824 entries of analytical descriptions of scientific and technical articles of journals. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to carry out the Electronic Document Delivery Service (DDS).

Recently, video lectures have been widely used in the educational system, which are a valuable educational tools for students, professors and other educational resources and readers. For this reason, the scientific and technical library has formed an «Education and methodology database» covering various branches: economics, mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, etc., which is regularly updated in the IRBIS-64 system and the number of video lectures from 2022 to now  is 438.

To popularize and ensure access to traditional and electronic information resources of the library, on the website, on the corresponding pages of a number of social networks - online exhibitions, literature, and news related to the library-information, scientific and technological spheres are presented.

 NCIE’s library is a member of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies (ELNIT).


Partners of the scientific and technical library are:

State Public Scientific and Technical Library (ГПНТБ)

GTL National Information Centers and General Organizations of the CIS countries

Interstate Coordinating Council for Scientific and Technical Information (МКСНТИ)

Interstate Council for Cooperation in the Fields of Science, Technology and Innovation (МСНТИ)

All Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (ВИНИТИ РАН)