Scientists have discovered a walking fish

A rare walking fish has been spotted in Australia, the last time people saw it 25 years ago. This is reported by CSIRO.
The fish discovered by scientists on a remote island in Bass Strait in 1996 belongs to the species Pezichthys compressus. Its representatives are able to walk on the bottom of the sea with fins, using them as hands, reports Previously, the fish was seen only twice, in 1986 and 1996. In both cases, it happened off the coast of the Australian state of Victoria.
The preferred habitat and potential abundance of Pezichthys compressus remain unknown. The new specimen was discovered off the southeast coast of Australia by an expedition investigating the effects of climate change on the marine environment.
CSIRO researcher Carly Devine said the fish was found at a depth of 292 meters on the edge of an underwater canyon near Flinders Island, northeast of mainland Tasmania. "Finding this fish is incredibly difficult," he said.