Experts suggest adding another color to traffic lights for autonomous vehicles

Traditional traffic lights, which include red, yellow and green lights, are adapted to the flow of traffic for conventional vehicles, but not for autonomous vehicles. Considering the fact that the number of autonomous vehicles is increasing every year, the usual design of the traffic light may undergo some changes.
Scientists from the University of North Carolina (USA)  suggest  adding an additional white light to them, which will help optimize travel time and achieve significant fuel savings.
The essence of the proposal is based on the fact that, approaching the intersection, autonomous vehicles begin to actively interact with each other. This allows them to "know in advance" the sequence in which each vehicle will cross the intersection. The so-called "white phase" concept also includes a new traffic signal to let human drivers know what to do. The red and green lights of the traffic lights will have the same meaning as now. And the white lights will inform human-drivers that the order of traffic at the intersection is determined by "smart" cars, not by traffic lights, and you just have to follow the car in front when that light is on. The white light will only turn on when enough autonomous vehicles approach the intersection.
Computer simulations have shown that the innovation can effectively reduce congestion by up to 90% even when the number of autonomous vehicles at the intersection does not exceed 10%.