China has launched the first factory for the production of artificial meat

The Shanghai-based CellX company launched the first pilot plant for the production of artificial meat, the South China Morning Post writes.
"The conclusions drawn from this will be used for our commercial production complex, which we plan to complete by 2025, and which will be able to produce hundreds of tons of products per year," CEO Yang Jilian said.
The enterprise has a bioreactor with a volume of two thousand liters. Over time, the amount of equipment will increase and the cost of production will decrease to a hundred dollars per kilogram of meat, while maintaining high quality, the publication said.
Later this year, CellX will apply to the United States and Singapore for approval to sell artificial meat, the company's CEO said. To date, the sale of lab-grown meat has been approved only in these countries. The Chinese company plans to enter the international market by 2025.
According to SCMP, the creation of the pilot version of the plant is a defining moment for China. The country faces the challenge of finding a source of animal protein to ensure food security for 1.4 billion people.