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Why is a left-handed child special?  5 scientific reasons

If you notice that a three-year-old child holds a spoon with his left hand, it does not mean at all that he will be left-handed. At this age, children are still actively using both hands. There is even an opinion among experts that a child's brain is plastic, it can be taught anything, and children most often become right-handed because their parents taught them that way.
But after 4-5 years, observing the child, you can already draw the first conclusions.
"Right hemisphere children" are more sensitive, understand the world intuitively. They are emotionally ahead of their peers and adapt to new conditions more easily.
Information entering the brain is perceived by them metaphorically, associatively, this makes thinking non-standard, fantasy. Such children have abilities for creativity, art, music, science and invention. Creatively, they will also be superior to their peers.
It is easy for a left-handed person to find a non-standard solution in a problematic and extreme situation. In the future, this innate mechanism will help to solve problems not only in life, but also in the profession. Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Otto Bismarck, Winston Churchill, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Frederic Chopin, Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Garry Kasparov, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Garbo and many others were left-handed.
A left-handed child, compared to children of his age, has a larger vocabulary, outlook and erudition. And the interesting thing is that his speech functions do not develop as gradually as the functions of a right-handed person. A left-handed person may start speaking later, but in full sentences with adult intonations. By the way, sometimes the child himself does not know the meaning of the words, but instantly remembers the poems and passages of the text.
A left-handed person has the ability to control his activities and change them in the right direction. But parents and teachers should help him, because adapting to other requirements, the child spends a lot of energy, gets tired, and this threatens overwork.