«Deposited Scientific Works in the Scientific and Technical Library»

Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship   On September 25, 2020, has organized a presentation entitled «Deposited Scientific Works in the Scientific and Technical Library», which was dedicated to the monograph «The History of Gyumri Energy», «The Current State of the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant and the Prospects for its Development» «The Current state of Hrazdan TPP and  Development Prospects» by  a scientist, writer, publicist and author of a number of books Stepan Papikyan.

“Innovative cooperation for the CIS Member States : new challenges and priorities”

On June 3, 2020, in Moscow, «Rossotrudnichestvo», on-line, organized round table as a part of Interstate Program for Innovative Cooperation between the for the period until 2030.