Armenia improves position in 2021 Index of Economic Freedom

Armenia has improved its position in the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom by 2 more points, Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan said in a statement on Facebook.
“We are the 32nd now. It’s worth noting that we strengthen the position of a country having the best business climate in the EAEU space. But we are not satisfied with the results, a lot needs to be improved for doing business, which we have promised by the new action plan of the government”, the minister stated.
Armenia’s economic freedom score is 71.9.

Armenia becomes 2nd country after US to grant patent to computer programs

YEREVAN. – The Law on Patents—which regulates property and personal relations in connection with the creation, legal protection, and use of inventions—enters into force in Armenia on Thursday. Armenian was informed about this from the Ministry of Economy.
"With the adoption of the new law, Armenia becomes the second country in the world, after the United States, which carries out the granting of patent to computer programs," said Kristine Hambaryan, acting head of the Intellectual Property Agency of the Ministry of Economy.

High-tech ministry: 3D glasses developed by Armenia engineers are few steps ahead of others in world

The new generation of Armenian scientists presents many interesting programs. Accordingly, 10X Engineering is one of the winners of the respective grant programs for established companies. Using VR technology, the company's engineering team has developed 3D glasses that enable the human visual and auditory senses to move to the virtual world, and this reduces pain and stress levels during medical examinations, or other stressful situations.
Similar devices already exist in the world, but the Armenian model is a few steps ahead of them, as the content developed by Armenian engineers takes into account also the distinctiveness-nationality, age, preferences, susceptibility to various phenomena, taste, and some other attributes-of each person. The first tests of this product are scheduled in six months.

Government launches IT employment program for Karabakh war veterans

This year, the Ministry of High-Tech Industry will launch the “Soldier’s Success” pilot program, which is targeted at the provision of support to servicemen who became disabled during the war in Nagorno-Karabakh and requalification in the IT sector. This is what Minister of High-Tech Industry Hakob Arshakyan told reporters today.
Arshakyan added that in late 2020, a decision was made to organize, within the scope of a program for preparing specialists in the format of the “university-private sector” cooperation, a free training course for those who were wounded and those who participated in the Karabakh war. “Overall, through this program, AMD 400,000,000 was allocated for all applicants in 2020,” the minister stated


Application is open

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia in cooperation with the Black Sea Project Promotion Facility starts the application process for the data science program. Within the project the 6-month bootcamp on data science will be delivered. In addition, seminars will be carried out by the well-known specialists from Microsoft, Yandex and other companies. During the bootcamp participants will work on real projects and issues. In the result, they will have a unique opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and gain practical skills.