Presentation of the books

Taking advantage of the strategic importance of teaching library and information culture in the innovative development of modern education and science, on September 17 the Scientific and Technical Library of NCIE was organized presentation and discussion of the «Book and the Library-Information Culture in Artsakh» and «Issues in Museum Studies».

The aim of the event was to appreciate the great significance of such studies in Artsakh and the Diaspora, through which the reader becomes acquainted with the cultural heritage of the Armenian people for millennia. The event was attended by Haykanush Ghazaryan, Deputy Director for Science of the National Library of Armenia, Mher Ghazinyan, Head of the Bibliography and Information Department, and Balasan Harutyunyan, Head of the Museum of Printing, as well as representatives of museums, libraries, non-governmental organizations and students. At the end, the participants exchanged views on the topic. An exhibition of thematic literature was organized for the presents.