«Peculiarities of Library Statistics»

On January 26,  2022 a Webinar on «Peculiarities of Library Statistics» was held in ZOOM online mode at the  Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NCIE SNCO).

The aim of the webinar was to discuss the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of evaluating the effectiveness of libraries, to identify existing problems, to refine the methodology of data collection and processing, in particular for use in comparative analysis, planning, accountability and forecasting.

The webinar was attended by the National Library of Armenia, the Republican Scientific-Medical Library, the "Vache and Tamar Manukyan" Matenadaran of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, representatives of various institution libraries, regional libraries, schools, branches of NCIE, about  80 participants.

The moderator of the webinar was Leon Gharibyan, Head of the Scientific and Technical Library, who welcomed the organization of such an event, taking into account the need of  library statistics not only for effective library management, but also libraries' contribution to the development of a knowledge-based society, for strategic library planning.

In her report, Lilit Vardanyan, Scientific Secretary of the Scientific-Technical Library of NCIE presented the experience of the Scientific-Technical Library, the developed statistical tools, statistical data obtained through their application, analysis results, the further use for work planning and sectoral forecasts. The speaker noted the publication of the National Library about the statistical analysis of the work of Armenian libraries, the current Russian Standard on Library Statistics (GOST), the IFLA public Manifesto. Summing up, the speaker noted the need for new library statistics in the ever-changing world of information, to manage new processes, to promote and develop them, as well as to effectively plan their activities.

There was an active exchange of views on the verification of the reliability of statistical data, the ability to present data in a unified system, automate the process of collecting them, the creation of a unified reading card, as well as SWOT analysis in libraries which will help to eliminate libraries' strengths and weaknesses.

Below is the link for the recording of the entire Webinar event.