Researchers Find Peanuts Protect the Heart, Prolong Life


Heart disease and death rates appear to vary among distinct populations depending on how fond of nuts folks happen to be

Forget about all sorts of miracle drugs or some wondrous spring deep in the woods that can turn back the clock and make you young again. Apparently, the key to enjoying a long and happy life is well within reach.

In fact, it is waiting for you on the shelves of the nearest supermarket. Not to keep you in suspense any longer, we're talking about peanuts. Crunchy peanuts like the ones some like to feast on while watching sports events, to be more precise.

Thus, researchers with the Vanderbilt University in the US and their colleagues having carried out a series of investigations, they found that peanuts do a great job protecting the heart and prolonging life expectancy. It was discovered that, when compared to those who almost never consumed peanuts or other types of nuts, those who were rather fond of such treats had a 17-21% lower risk of total mortality and 23-38% lower risk of cardiovascular mortality.