9 products, for which refregerator is a real hell

To store some  products in a refrigerator is crime. Not all needs to be put in a low temperature, and you have an excellent chance to learn, why. One must remember this list of products — hold them from a refrigerator far away.
1.Onions - felt not bad in a refrigerator, but the problem is its high humidity. The raised humidity in a refrigerator can lead to a fast softening of onions, it becomes insipid, can start to decay. So it is better to store it in a dry, cool place.

2.Avocado - is better to use in a food ripe — a softish vegetable. Store it at a room temperature.


3.Potato - changes the taste in a refrigerator, becomes watery, any. Put a potato in a dark and cool place, in a paper package or a cardboard box.

4.Tomatoes - being in a refrigerator, become other consistence and change taste to unrecognizability. Put tomatoes in the place protected from direct solar beams, store at a room temperature.

5. Coffee - perfectly absorbs any smells and a moisture. So, putting coffee in a refrigerator shelf, you risk to try a drink with taste of everything that lays there … Store coffee in a dry and cool place.


6. Garlic - catastrophically quickly spoils at high humidity in a refrigerator. Without a refrigerator it can be stored about 2 months!

7. Awater-melon - needs to be stored without a refrigerator, only cut it can be placed there.

8. Honey - To store honey in a refrigerator it is not necessary, there it crystallises, losing the characteristic taste and useful properties.

10. Bread - it is not necessary to put bread in a refrigerator — humidity promotes mould development.